Drupal 8 ... Bring it on !!

Back after a loooonnggg gap so, need a bang to get started again, isn't it ?

Well, I have something in store :)

Yet not very comfy with Drupal 7 but does that allow me to keep my friend, Drupal 8 waiting at the

door ? Will he really wait for me to be done with Drupal 7 ? Nooo way, he is running in his own

pace ... so what are we waiting for friends, need to catch up. So, from here on let's dive into the

ocean of Drupal 8.

It's about a month or even more, just thinking that it's high time I introduce myself with Drupal 8 or

say the other way round ;) Friends, I know most of us might be thinking not to skip steps while

climbing up but at times even three dots are enough to define an area, so why not let's get

started. We may get stuck, not an issue, will keep adding dots so as to get closer to our perfect


Let's begin with the Getting Started guide of drupal.org. Will be back soon with my way of moving

ahead with Drupal 8.

Till then keep connecting your dots. Happy learning :)


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